Ashlar Essay Question #2

by Steve

Essay Question #2 (Out of jurisdiction participants)

Freemasonry is a very personal journey. In undergoing the process of becoming a Freemason all of the tenets and principles of our Craft are interpreted uniquely based on our life circumstances. Our faith, culture, education, employment and life lived, among many other factors, affect how and when the Craft is internalized.

Given the foregoing many jurisdictions have struggled with keeping their brethren engaged in their Lodges ultimately resulting in the challenge of retaining brothers

What strategies or methods have you seen, experienced, to maintain a lodge membership in a lodge? What ideas do you think would help retain members, increase membership and give members more a sense of belonging to the craft?

Below is a general slide that may give you some guidance on how to answer these questions better.

All entries are requested to be 1200 to 1500 words in length, double spaced, and in times new roman font. Title page needs Name, Lodge Name and jurisdiction
Email is needed as well.
Contest is finishes March 1st, 2023 send entries to