Certificate of Masonic Knowledge Program

by Steve

What is it?
A Certificate of Masonic Knowledge is a designation sanctioned by the Board of Ashlar College. It is a program consisting of 6 papers that will be submitted by the student for certificate recognition.

What is the format?
The format will be a 1200 – 1500 word essay of original thought (no more) type written, Double spaced, 12 pt font with the Name, Lodge Name and Number and home address with title on front cover of essay.

What are the topics?
The topics are those of most interest to the student but 2 must deal with Masonic History, 2 must deal with Masonic Symbolism and 2 must deal with Masonic Philosophy. The specifics of each paper are entirely the prerogative of the student. Eventually we will post a list of questions that the student can choose from if he wishes.

Why is this being offered?
This is an opportunity for the thinking Mason to express his opinion on Masonic subjects of his choice and who may not be comfortable with a structured course format as in our Ashlar College Program. We believe that the more opinions expressed on Masonic topics the better we will be as a lodge, district and jurisdiction. As in all our courses and programs there is no black and white answer we are seeking your opinion. There is no pass or fail just participation.

What will I receive?
Upon completion of the program each student will receive a Certificate of Masonic Knowledge from Ashlar College.

How much will it cost?
The cost for this program is $60 to be paid at time of registration. The $60 will cover certificate printing, shipping and handling etc.

When will this be available?
This program is available immediately.

The Masonic Lamp of Knowledge and Learning
The Masonic Lamp of Knowledge and Learning

Once you have registered and paid,
you are free to begin your essays.