by Steve

Dear Brother, Thank you for your payment and registering for the Certificate of Masonic Knowledge Program.

Where do we send our finished papers?

The papers can be emailed one at a time in a Word Document to RW Bro. Chris Foxon, Dean Ashlar College.


Now that you have pressed the button, welcome to the Certificate of Masonic Knowledge Program. You are now ready to work; let me help you further.

Your work is from you and for you. You may have heard papers and presentations which clearly brethren have spent time reading and collecting details for a presentation from several sources. It is not intended that the work you produce for the CMKP should be academic. Here is a chance for you to explore your thoughts; what do you think?

1200 – 1500 words are about 4+ pages of print. The length is not critical. Content is important. To help you along with a selection of topics, the course designer has suggested that you present papers under the three categories of the courses in Ashlar College of Freemasonry – History, Governance and Symbolism.

History – a study of past events, people, human affairs, social changes,

Consider: (a) personal masonic or otherwise (what brings you to the fraternity?), (b) your Mother Lodge history, (c) history of certain period of our Freemasonry which you have already read, (d) a brother you admire – his history

Governance – the action and manner with which we govern ourselves

Consider: (a) our constitution – what fascinated you about our laws, (b) leadership within the lodge / district, (c) work of teams on projects structure and advantages and pitfalls, (d) education and its role, (e) officers responsibilities (f) improved meetings

Symbolism: use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities
Freemasonry is all about the language of symbolism.

Consider: (a) any symbol of any degree and the impact it has made on you, (b) symbolism of any of the degrees, (c) of the Aprons, (d)

Should you wish further help contact us through