A Special Invitation to our New Master Masons

by Steve

A Special Invitation to our New Master Masons

You’ll Never Walk Learn Alone

RW Bro. Doug Franklin, Chairman, Ashlar College

It has been ten years since the founding of Ashlar College of Freemasonry, and five years since it was licenced by Grand Lodge.  Although the name “Ashlar College” may sound dry and academic, the purpose of the College is exactly opposite to that.  The objective of Ashlar College is to assist Freemasons who want to learn about their Craft.  Ashlar College does have a program of studies, consisting of eighteen courses offered at three levels.  This is not, however, an imposed curriculum.  The courses are simply signposts and guides for learning.  The focus of Ashlar College is on you, the individual Freemason, not on subjects to be mastered.  There are assignments, but no exams; no “pass or fail”, and certainly no timetable.  Each learner can work at his own pace.  There are Brethren (adjudicators / mentors) to help, review assignments and make suggestions for further study.

Let’s face it, many of us in the Craft have not experienced formal education for some time.  Still, every day, we keep our minds open and we learn things. Over the years, since we were initiated, we have read articles and perhaps books on Freemasonry.  How many times have we participated in a Masonic degree or ceremony, and wondered, “Why do we do that?” or “What does that phrase mean?”  Ashlar College is here to help you find answers, and more.  Our time is precious, and one of the key roles of Ashlar College is to provide proven sources of information for the busy Freemason.

As a pilot project in 2016, Ashlar College began to offer a special course for new Master Masons, drawing upon First Level courses. Owing to the success shown in this pilot project, the Board of Ashlar College now offers the course to new Master Masons throughout our Jurisdiction. When these Brethren complete the course, should they wish to enroll in Ashlar College, they will receive the incentive of a substantial discount in the registration fee.

What is the program of Ashlar College?

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